1. Zika

    Mosquito spread Zika Virus The Zika virus is spreading very fast in Central and South America. A second case has been confirmed in Houston. It is thought that it can not be spread from person to person. Only being spread by mosquitos. There is a high level of concern that it could spread throughout Texas. Most people that are exposed to the virus only have mild symptoms. The big concern is for pre…Read More

  2. Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter Ants: Carpenter Ants get in many unusual places to nest. Carpenter Ants differ from termites as they do not consume wood. They chew wood to get places to nest. What you see above is called Frass, This is from where the ants chew wood and push it out of the nest. Sometimes you will see body fragments of ants that may have died and body parts pushed out. Carpenter ants are very common in T…Read More

  3. What do ants and termites look like

    Is it an Ant with Wings or a Termite with Wings? How to tell the difference between flying ants and flying termites? Is it an Ant or a Termite? Termites typically keep themselves hidden so more than likely if you are seeing flying or swarming termites it is probably the reproductive swarm. The problem is flying termites look a lot like swarming ants. Here’s how to tell if it is an ant or a term…Read More

  4. Bed Bugs – What do they look like

    Bed Bugs – What do they look like? Adult bed bugs typically are: Close to the size of an apple seed Long and brown, an oval shaped body that is normally flat if it has not fed recently If they have fed recently they are more balloon like in a reddish brown color They have a smelly musty-sweetish odor that is produced through glands on the lower side of the body Young bed bugs sometimes called ny…Read More

  5. Best Waxahachie Pest Control

    Looking for Waxahachies Best Pest Control Company Sureguard Pest Services is a 3rd generation pest control company. As you can see about our 4th generation is in training. At Sureguard we care about the safety of your family and your pests. We use many green products. Our family has been serving pest control needs since 1967. You might ask what Waxahachie pest control services do we provide: Ant …Read More

  6. HUB Certified Pest Control Company-Dallas Tx

    Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is a locally owned HUB Certified Termite and Pest Control company in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. The Sureguard Family has been serving pest control needs since 1967. Historically Underutilized Businesses can be woman owned. Sureguard services many government buildings, law enforcement, community and health care facilities. Sureguard also services many industrial,…Read More

  7. Does Sentricon Work

    Does Sentricon Termite Control Work? In 1998 we had to ask ourselves this. We had been using liquid termiticides for 30 years. With liquids you cannot get to every spot in an existing home. We were authorized to be one of the select companies to be able to use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. We had about 5 homes that had been treated with liquid termiticides that had continual ter…Read More

  8. Soring Bugs

    Sunshine brings good and Bugs, Don’t Let the Bugs Rule With the winter and spring rains that we have had there will be a lot of new vegetation will be growing. That is the fun. This strawberry looks very good. What you cannot see from this picture is the large fire and mound beside the garden bed. You need to be careful as you begin your gardening for the spring. If you do find fire ants in your…Read More

  9. Dallas Commercial Pest Control

    Dallas Commercial Pest Control Commercial buildings in DFW have many different types on insect problems. There are also many different styles of buildings. Some are high rise, warehouse, food service, office buildings, medical buildings, manufacturing facilities. The most common treatment method all building owners or managers is low impact or green treatment methods. IPM or Integrated Pest Manage…Read More